Update #4: Alex Adventures Abroad

Welcome to my fourth update about my adventures abroad in Sydney, Australia! Since my last update, a lot has happened to me in the land down under. I went to Mardi Gras and a horse race at Royal Randwick, spent the weekend in the sun at Byron Bay, and hiked around Royal National Park – just to name a few things.

However, to get things started, I've put together some videos about my latest adventures in Newcastle, Australia and Byron Bay, Australia. You can check them out below!

Weeks #9 and #10: Excursions, Excursions, and More Excursions

With the start of Semester 1 classes, I spent the first two weeks back in Sydney exploring more spots around the city. After each excursion, I fell even more and more in love with this place. Seriously, I could never leave this city and be entertained for years.

The start of Semester 1 classes meant a new wave of exchange students started at the University of Sydney as well, including some of my friends from back at Georgetown! It also meant that my internship at General Assembly started again.

Some of my highlights included...

  • Eating avocado toast and drinking piña coladas out of flower pots at the Grounds of Alexandria
  • Dressing up for and celebrating Madri Gras in Surry Hills with thousands of people
  • Cheering on the horses at the Australian Turf Club's Royal Randwick Racecourse – but more importantly, enjoying the Rosé
  • Taking a breather at the iconic Bondi Icebergs Club in Bondi Beach

It was nice to get back into the swing of things after weeks of traveling! But I was definitely ready for another adventure after recouping for a little bit.

Week #11: Byron Bay, Australia

After a few weeks back in Sydney, I decided it was time for another adventure. So I booked a trip to the scenic Byron Bay near the Gold Coast of Australia. Byron Bay is known around Australia for its tasty restaurants, trendy shops, and beautiful beaches. And for the Thor fans out there, the home of Chris Hemsworth!

I traveled to Byron Bay with three of my friends from Georgetown, and we definitely took advantage of all that Byron Bay has to offer. We were there for three nights and four days. And apart from laying out on the white sand beaches, some of our highlights included...

  • Hiking to the Cape Byron Lighthouse at sunrise to see the sun rise over the most Eastern part of Australia
  • Cheers-ing to a great weekend in one of the most beautiful places in the world at The Beach Hotel
  • Grabbing some wine, cheese, and prosciutto and watching the sun setover the beach while listening to some live music
  • Eating. Eating a lot. If you ever head over to Byron Bay, let me know and I'll send you over some of my favorite restaurants!

All in all, it was a weekend that I will truly never forget. A definite must if you're ever in Australia!

Week #12: The Rocks' Markets and Royal National Park

After getting back from Byron Bay, I got caught up on work for my Semester 1 classes and my internship for the first few days of the week. But once the weekend rolled around, I quickly got to some more adventures. Some of my highlights included...

  • Going to The Rocks' Markets and chowing down on some truffle Italian pizza, Japanese dumplings, and Turkish Gözleme
  • Exploring a new exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art with new friends
  • Taking a day trip to Royal National Park with my Learning in Outdoor Education class and soaking in more of Australia's beauty

All in all, it was another great week in Sydney! It's safe to say that I'm peaking in so many new and exciting ways here.

Map of Royal National Park, Australia

Map of Royal National Park, Australia

It's crazy to think that I've already been studying abroad for about three months now, but I'm making sure to appreciate every opportunity and experience that I have here. Time truly does fly when you're having fun!

Be on the lookout for my next update in a few weeks, and you can always check me out on Facebook and Instagram.

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