How a 22-Year-Old Became a Partner at a Top Venture Capital Firm


“Never let your age hold you back."

- Adam Goldberg

I’m 21 years old and have had a desire to go into venture capital for a while now. But I never thought I’d be able to break into the industry until I was older and later in my career.

And then I met Adam Goldberg, a 22-year-old who is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Adam is only one year older than I am, but he is already making waves in the venture capital industry.

“Never let your age hold you back,” said Adam Goldberg.

Adam primarily invests in enterprise infrastructure, big data and analytics, data center technologies, the Internet of Things known as IoT, frontier technologies, and artificial intelligence.
Adam excelled in math at an early age, as he enjoyed solving puzzles and playing chess. At age 10, he attended community college to further explore his interest in math. And at age 13, he enrolled in the University of California at Berkeley. At Berkeley, he focused his time on mathematics and machine learning research. However, he quickly learned that while math was an “interesting and powerful foundation,” he felt “disconnected from the real world.”

After completing the degree requirements at Berkeley, Adam started a company and became a part of the Lightspeed Fellowship. He then attended Stanford where he majored in computer science with concentrations in systems and artificial intelligence. While at Stanford, he pursued opportunities at DropBox and Rubric where he further developed his engineering background. He was also a founding partner of the Dorm Room Fund in conjunction with First Round Capital.
Adam is an impressive example of a young investor who reached partner status at a prestigious venture capital firm at the age of 22. He noted that founders of B2B companies are getting younger, although many Generation Z and millennial role models are founders of B2C companies such as Facebook and Snapchat. 

He believes that more and more young investors will rise to partner status, as “young founders are more inclined to open up to young investors with similar experiences.”

Listen to Adam Talk about AI Trends and Investments

What Adam did is not easy to replicate, especially at such a young age. Adam clearly has a natural talent for math and could have relied on talent alone to be successful.

But by challenging himself to always push to the next level, at age 22, Adam is already achieving his dreams.

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